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Teller Anti-Holdup Units

Adanac Security understands that you are dedicated to offer your customers timely, professional and courteous service. Why do we understand?  Because we are also committed to provide our customers the best of quality service they deserve: Providing you with fast, accurate quotes and quick-ship lead times so that your order is ready to ship within seven working days.

Unlike many other banking equipment manufacturers, we supply customized teller counter units and teller currency units. Your teller unit can be custom-made:

  • To your desired color scheme.
  • For special applications and functionality.

To further build our loyalty and commitment to deliver superior service to our customers in the banking industry we offer a value-adding service that will enable you to fully utilize the teller anti hold-up units to its full capacity, convenience and deliver fast and efficient service to your customers. Adanac anti hold-up unit installation includes:

  • Branch planning
  • Layout development of your particular branch or facility. Anti-Hold Units’ Features
  • Our models are customized to fit in any type and size teller counter.
  • A drawer fitted with lockable cash and a currency tray.
  • Another drawer fitted with a voucher tray and drop cash facility.
  • A gang lock.
  • Anti hold-up compartment beneath the drawers.
  • A digital electronic lock is optional.
  • Optional pull out tray in the anti-hold up compartment.
  • Control lock.
  • Delayed action time lock.

If you’d like to enquire about the Adanac range of anti hold-up units, including our teller currency units or would like to request a customized unit, contact us and we’ll be glad to assist.

Our customers are our priority – before, during and after the purchase!

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