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Credit Unions Security Equipment

Largest Pre-Owned Security Equipment for Credit Unions

Adanac Security is Canada's Largest Supplier of Pre-Owned Security Equipment for Financial Institutions and Credit Unions. 

We have a vast selection of equipment in our warehouse, from:

  • Safety Drop Boxes
  • Teller Lockers
  • Teller Under-counter Units
  • Cash Safes
  • Fire Resistant Files & Safes
  • Data Safes
  • Mobile Safe Trucks
  • Drop Lockers & more!

Fully Reconditioned & Painted, like NEW

Once we establish your equipment requirements we refurnish and repaint our quality pre-owned equipment to match your institution decor. All of our security equipment is Fully Reconditioned & Painted, like NEW with a Full Year Warranty (Same as brand new!).

Why buy new, SAVE on Pre-Owned that looks as good as NEW for LESS.  We offer full installation, deliver & maintenance programs! 

If you are looking for security equipment for your Financial Institution or Credit Union contact Adanac Security. Our NEW or USED Security Equipment is the best affordable choice!

Contact us today or call 1-800-461-9610 for a free consultation.

Semi Annual Safe Sale



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