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Safes – Refurbished with a full warranty

  • Do you have a safe and wish to refresh its looks, update its locking systems? 
  • Are you in the market to purchase a safe but the new price is just too high?

Adanac can help!  Adanac is Canada's largest Safe warehouse facility in Canada.  Over 20,000 sq. ft. of refurbished security products.

  • Safes
  • Vaults
  • Fire Doors
  • Modular Vaults
  • Night Depositories
  • Fire Files / Media Safes
  • Drop Safes
  • Teller Lockers 
  • Teller Units...
  • SD Boxes....& more!

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We offer, “in-house certified” technicians that can refinish and update you mechanical functions to the highest standards.

Why buy new, when refurbished is better? We refurbished safes and vaults for “half the price of new” with a full year warranty. All safes are refurbished “in-house" by our own certified technicians. 

Adanac Security technicians will gladly come out to your premises to improve your current safe even though it has been manufactured and installed by another manufacturer. Adanac is equipped with 20 years worth of experience refurbishing our customers’ second-hand safes into pristine. Allow our specialist engineers and technicians to refurbish your safe by clicking here.    

Did you know that All Safes Are Not Safe?

Even the best of safes ever manufactured are not impossible to break. The idea is to make the burglar take a greater risk. The stronger a safe the harder a burglar will have to work, use heavier tools, make more noise and spend more time on the site. These factors increase the burglar’s chances of being caught. Knowledgeable burglars tend to go where the pickings are easy; they look for large cash targets stored in easy-to-crack safes.

When will your safe be burglarized?
When the chance for easy money is there and the risk of being caught is low.

It is true that alarms help to deter burglary but the best alarm system in the world will not prevent a knowledgeable burglar with professional tools to defeat it. The only burglar protection there is and ever has been is a strong safe. Serving as proof of this statement, Adanac’s full line of Burglary Safes used by jewelers and diamond wholesalers have never been defeated, and have been in use for more than 20 years. These manufactured by label and UL listed safes are designed to protect the priceless and the cost of producing these safes is understandably high.

Adanac Security safes are built to suit a particular need. Some are built to protect documents only. Some are built to give minimal burglary protection because there are other factors that make burglary less likely. A safe’s burglary resistance is always reflected in the manufacturing cost of the unit. Providing more burglary resistance means stronger grades of materials and combination of materials. Locking systems and electronic locks are more complex and the tolerance factors are reduced to prevent picking or manipulation.

The Adanac safe range was designed for the smallest to the largest size business to protect cash storage needs.

When you are shopping for a high security safe allow Adanac team to assist in:

  • Evaluating your risk.
  • Select and advise you on the most appropriate safe for your needs.

Here are a few easy steps to minimize your risk:

  • Minimize the amount of money stored over night or on weekends.
  • If possible put your safe up-front or in a location visible from the street.
  • Strictly control access to your safe. Change keys and combinations on a regular basis, immediately following up personnel changes.
To learn more about our Safes and Security Products Manufacturing, contact us today! Our products and services are geared to keep you, your business and valuables secure.

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