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Bullet Proof Windows & Glass

Adanac Security manufactures and installs Bullet Resistant Barriers for existing banking cabinetry and new construction. Corporate retail bullet resistant packages are also available. Our professional installation and maintenance expertise, industry compatibility and the attractive appeal make Adanac’s bullet resistant models an excellent choice for bullet protecting your particular environment.

Customized solution and installation

We understand that each facility and environment requires a unique solution to fully reach its required level of security. In order to implement and install a turn-key bullet resistive solution Adanac Security’s experienced engineers are specialists in designing a tailor-made solution for your specialty security needs.

Our factory trained bonded service technicians and consultants ensure on-going operation efficiency and reduced transaction turn-around times enabling your business and its customers an optimized level of service and security.

Bullet Resistant Security System

Adanac bullet resistant security systems consist of:

  • Armor for the risers and below counter area.
  • Low profile framing channels.
  • Stainless steel deal trays.
  • Baffle-type teller glazing of UL listed scratch resistant Level One acrylic.

Each kit includes UL listed:

  • Bullet resistant wall panels
  • Bullet resistant doors
  • Bullet resistant teller windows
  • Countertops
  • Cash drawers
  • Deal trays

If you require Bullet Resistant Products incorporated into a corporate retail environment we manufacture and install a sliding section at the deal tray. The door and frame assemblies are optional. These products are available in a Level Three ballistic security.

To learn more about our Safes, Vaults, and Security Products contact us today! Our products and services are geared to keep you, your business and valuables secure.

Semi Annual Safe Sale



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