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Fire Doors

When the lives of your employees and customers are at risk there should be no room for compromise. And in order to ensure the protection of records, data and other valuables, installing fire doors in the office or building should be the next important step in the fire protection solution. A fire door is not just another door, it is a carefully engineered safety product specifically designed to save lives.

As part of the fire protection solution to protect documents, business goods and any other valuables Adanac’s insulated vault doors should be specified for any N.F.P.A. rated fire-resistive vault. However, where the construction of a fire resistive vault is impractical, an Adanac insulated file room door should be specified.

Fire doors come in different fire-resistance ratings and refer to the duration of which a passive fire protection system (an Adanac insulated vault door) can withstand a fire.

Fire Proof Doors’ Features:

  • The unique design of the insulate vault door’s frame allows easy, non-grout installation in walls 7 inches to 18 inches thick.
  • The inside, escape mechanism of the door can be easily located and operates even in the dark; a feature strategically incorporated when the fire has bombed out the electricity.
  • An insulated vault door has two UL certified relocking devices.
  • Each door comes with a beveled vault entrance for easy passage of wheel carts.

Every one of Adanac’s security doors comes with a:

  • Class B Mercantile Burglary Insurance rating.
  • Underwriters’ Laboratories Inc. labels and certifications for the time specified.

To learn more about our Fire Resistent Products contact us today! Our products and services are geared to keep you, your business and valuables secure.

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