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Burglary Safes & Jewellery Safes

All of us have a couple of valuable pieces such as jewellery and other precious items that we would like to keep protect from being stolen. The best way to keep them secure from burglars is by having a safe installed at your home. Adanac installs UL / ULC listed security safes that will protect your valuable items against both torch and tool attack. A wall safe or safe deposit box is effective for keeping valuable items safe at home.

Jewellery and burglary safes at store level

If you are a jeweler you’ll need a high security cabinets and safes, possible even a vault. Adanac security safes are mechanical engineered by highly experienced engineers and manufactures a range of high security safes that includes the highest burglary rated safe; the TRTL-30x6, Class 4. This safe is ideal for jewelers because of its thick layers of steel, aluminum, high density concrete and the additional chest built inside for the optimum security solution.

Safe information

Our burglary and jewellery safes for both home security and jewellery store security level come in multiple sizes with an optional customized safe solution should you require one.  The burglar and jewellery safes come standard in class triggered relock and anti-relock devices

If you already have a safe installed but would like to refurbish your safe to further optimize its mechanical function and appearance; Adanac security technicians will gladly come out to your premises to alter your current safe even though it has been manufactured and installed by another manufacturer.

To learn more about our Safes, Vaults, and Security Products contact us today! Our products and services are geared to keep you, your business and valuables secure.

Semi Annual Safe Sale



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