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Drop Safes

Do you deal with cash deposits and different employees on a daily basis? If the answer is yes your business automatically becomes a prospect victim for “lost money”, robbery, internal theft and “shortage on deposits”. To keep your cash register theft free install a Depository Drop Safe allowing you to skim your register of an excessive amount of cash and keep your cash - safe. 

Adanac provides two Depository Drop Safes

  • The Rotary Hopper Type Top and
  • The Front Loading Safe. 

These two safes were specifically designed to protect the collection of money where immediate deposits are required. Retail companies greatly benefit from drop safes as it secures massive amounts of cash accumulated on a daily basis through the protected front loading deposit system.

The entire range of Adanac Security Depository Drop Safes are Class B Insurance rated with a ½ inch door and ¼ inch body. The safes come with a drill resistant hard plate and an anti-fishing and battle devices; a security installed feature that looks like little shark teeth. It provides maximum security and prevents cash thieves from putting in a coat hanger or screwdriver in the attempt to steal money.

Unfortunately, the entire industry’s depository drop safes are produced without fire proof due to the drop slot opening when cash is deposited. This might sound disappointing but keep in mind that a depository drop safe was first and foremost designed for protection against cash theft. Adanac Security offers an extensive range of security safes that provides fire protection for a variety of different function safes.

Please contact us to assist in your every Depository Drop Safe and any other security safes queries that you might have or need designed.

Our products and services are geared to keep you, your business and valuables secure.

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