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Media Safes for Documents

It is of the utmost importance in today’s cut-throat business world to have a document fire safe intact. These safes are necessary to safeguard highly confidential files and business records that are related to the industry or company, and the personnel only. Because theft and identity theft have increased so sharply the Canadian law has established stringent privacy laws to protect companies’ personnel information, health related records and industry and company commerce.

Above from protecting your documents from outright theft other “normal” disasters also occur such as fire, water flooding and damage and smoke that could by caused by arson, sprinkle system malfunction or ineffective plumbing installations.

To protect both your documents from theft and natural disasters Adanac Security offers a Document Fire Media Safe in five different models all of which is fire rated for one hour at 927˚C or 1 700˚F.

Benefits of Media Safes:

  • You can protect confidential business paper documents from unwanted eyes.
  • Your valuable records are protected from fire, water, theft, sunlight, smoke, sabotage, humidity and vandalism.
  • Safes are available in different sizes to meet your needs and requirements.
  • An optional preventative maintenance contract ensuring that your document fire safe operates accurately at all times.
  • A 24 hour emergency service to repair damaged safes.

Make sure that your company’s data is secured and protected from theft and natural disasters.How secure re you? Contact us today!

Our products and services are geared to keep you, your business and valuables secure.

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