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Security Service Contracts in Canada

Adanac Security Service Team has over 300 years of work experience in dealing with Canada's financial & commercial clients.

Adanac Security has been a prominent and approved supplier of service & products to the Security Departments and Real Estate divisions of all major chartered banks since 1974. All technicians are bonded and factory trained by in-house instruction and regular industry certifications.

The Adanac Security Service Team is trained & equipped to handle the full scope of security work from High Security locksmiths to the maintenance and repair of all banking security equipment. In order to provide this service, Adanac Security maintains a current level of parts and inventory for all standard security equipment.

  • Exclusive maintenance and control over the Peaks-Kaba Keyway System, thereby ensuring strong internal control over key accessibility.
  • Direct services and products to third party suppliers.

Some of the clients we service are:

  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • TD Canada Trust
  • Brinks
  • Universal
  • Securicor ... & Growing!

For the past five years, Adanac Security was contracted to provide the ROYAL BANK OF CANADA with a full service contract for all retail branches in the Province of Ontario. Adanac Security has also been contracted to provide a National Security Equipment Service Agreement for TD CANADA TRUST.

This agreement encompasses the maintenance and ,service of all related security equipment of each branch. Servicing of equipment includes safety deposit boxes, vault doors, safes, teller lockers and gates, night depositories, locksmithing, cash dispenser units, door entrances and related security devices.

In conjunction with the Ontario Service program, Adanac Security provides a Quarterly Service Report by branch transit which profiles work completed during the said period. This work summary provides statistical feedback to the Bank for planning, training and budgetary control.

Adanac Security & Specialty Services Ltd. offers a national toll-free phone number which is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with experienced bilingual Adanac trained operators, trained in security related calls and dispatching of service technicians.

Hear are a few of our clients and the type of service contracts:

TD Canada Trust
National Security Equipment Contract Agreement

John DeBenedictis 519-663-1937
TD Canada Trust
National Timelock Maintenance Agreement
Ada Morrissey 416-982-8253
TD Canada Trust
National ABM Contract

Bank of Montreal
National Timelock Maintenance Agreement

Timelock Maintenance Agreement
Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board
Locksmithing Maintenance Agreement
Jim Keough 705-722-6942

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