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Guide to Buying Used Gun Safes in Canada

Used gun safes are a cost savings idea for storing your guns affordable. While the price can be expensive on some of the newer gun safes, Canada residents have options for find good used gun safes to keep their guns safe from theft and improper use. Canada residents normally are more for keeping guns out of the reach of small children in the household, however, hunting guns can be expensive and the target of home burglaries, too.

Guide to buying used gun safes in Canada:

When buying used gun safes, you need to consider the size of the gun or guns you want to store, and how many of them you need to have room for. Many used gun safes also allow room to store valuables and important documents, so be sure to look for ones that allow the extra room.

Other things to consider are what kind of locking device you prefer, fireproofing ratings and what kind of interior works best for odd shaped rifle barrels and other details such as installation locations. Some of the used gun safes are made for under stairwell installations, while others are made for walls, floors. The main thing to consider with gun safes is that the sheer weight of the safe is one of the biggest deterrents and you will want a safe that is protected against tampering.

Main things to look out for when buying gun safes:

Keep in mind that you can expect to spend around $1500 for a new gun safe from a major maker, so a used gun safe should be cheaper. For a new one of this price, you can find an interior of 58” high and a top shelf for valuables. Rotary racks and slide out drawers are other great features found on some used gun safes. A safe this size will typically weigh over 750 pounds and have 8 gauge or thicker walls. At least if you get a fire lined inner safe, your important papers won’t be destroyed as easily in a fire.

Other things to look for when buying used gun safes is to try to buy a safe that is bigger than you need and expect to spend more for fire resistance. There can be a lot of differences between gun safes, so you may want to look at several and make sure the specifications meet your needs. Keep in mind that your guns and valuables will greatly exceed whatever you spend on a used gun safe to protect them, so try to get the best gun safe you can afford.

An important thing to keep in mind when buying a used gun safe is where you will be installing it, so you can make sure to get one that will fit. You will want to keep used gun safes hidden from the view of potential home intruders, because when they are in plain sight, it increases the chances of burglary.

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