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Waterproof safes – why you need one

Every one of us’ homes or offices are prone to water damage. There is no guarantee in life when it comes to accidents. A bath or basin could overflow, water damage through unexpected flooding could occur or a fire could break out in which case fire extinguishing would be required. In the case of the latter you would not just require a waterproof safe but a fire resistant, waterproof safe.

Both flooding and fire are a threat to your house and office. Your valuables, jewelry, data, media such as CDs and discs could all be ruined. Water can irrecoverably damage your valuables and important documentation very quickly. Protection means not only getting a media safe that is fire resistant but waterproof as well. A waterproof safe should provide complete protection for your data for at least 24 hours of submersion, however there are other waterproof safes that will provide protection for a longer period of time.

The size of your safe will be determined by what you want to put inside the safe as well as the type of media you want to safeguard. There are very small safes that can accommodate up to 100 CDs or DVDs and come with removable trays and protective sleeves. There are also larger safes that can accommodate a lot more media and documentation that are specifically designed for big corporations. Contact who can assist you in the various sizes and specs available.

As with any other safe you will need to decide which locking mechanism you want for your waterproof safe. Some safes have simple key locks whereas others have dial combination locks and digital keypad locks with key overrides.

Protecting your data and valuables are critical whether it is business data and media or a prized jewelry collection. Choose the correct safe for your protection needs by contacting safe specialists Adanac Security in Canada at Their range includes everything from waterproof gun safes and media safes to home safes and floor safes.

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