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Gun Safes

Recent research shows that gun owners’ homes are broken into nearly twice as much as households that have no guns.

Why is this? Because if a gun is stolen, the robber can use it as he pleases as it is not registered in his name until the gun owner reports the gun stolen.

So what can you do about this? It is simple.  You have two options, get rid of the gun or buy a quality Safe and have it professionally installed.

There are many different gun safes out there on the market, but here are a few of the best;

Bighorn Gun Safe – these safes are rock-solid with heavy bodied construction and excellent fire ratings. This is the safe you want if you need to keep your gun safe. It is heavy so there isn’t much of a chance of someone picking it up and carrying it out of your house. Some of its features include its pry-proof door, Certified Protective Lining, 1200˚/70 Minute Fire Rating, Internal Relockers, an internal hinge system that is attack proof, black textured semi-gloss finish, armor that no drill can get thorough, doorbolts with a diameter of 1” or 1 ½”, composite door with a thickness of 4” and plush adjustable interior.

Sequiam BioBox – The BioBox is something that has taken the world by storm and is more like a device that you will see on a movie, but not in real life. It allows you to store your valuables easily. It is the perfect compartment to store handguns as it can be hidden away and no one will expect a small case like this to hold such a valuable item like a gun. This modern device allows access to the person whose fingerprints match the systems database. It can hold up to three profiles and fingerprints, so if you have another person who may have access to the gun you will load their fingerprints too.

GunVault Mini Deluxe – this safe has a construction of 16 gauge steel, high-strength lock mechanism, soft foam to protect contents, built-in computer that will lock everything if invalid attempts are repeated, the precise fittings are almost impossible to break open, and the tamper indicator will alert you when invalid attempts are entered.

Security Fire Resistant Gun Safe – this is a safe that you will want if you have more than one gun as it is a fairly big size. The seal of the Palusol door will expand anything up to as much as eight times its thickness when it is exposed to certain high temperatures, therefore it will seal the contents of the safe to make sure nothing gets in or out.

When you are looking for a good gun safe, be sure to visit as they will be able to see to all your needs.

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