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Safes for Financial Institutions

Sadly in to-day’s modern world there are so many aspects of modern – day living that we have to safe guard ourselves against and also the institutions that we work for – from document theft, to hijackings, terrorism, hold –ups in banks ,and just common theft of information, cash or even identities.

Canada’s laws have become really stringent when it comes to protecting the theft of identity, so it has become imperative to safe-guard all valuable information regarding various institutions.

  • Therefore the advent of the vault door. This is ideal for protecting large volumes of documents and equipment as a whole room is converted into a safe.

Various industries, such as schools, mining houses, industrial buildings, businesses, banks and post offices have these strong rooms with vault doors to protect their valuables from theft.

  • The other type of equipment supplied by Adanac for financial institutions, are Bullet Proof Windows and glass.

Unique solutions by the specialist Engineers are designed and tailor-made to suit and are customized for the various needs of different institutions – banks are what one has specifically in mind here

Teller anti-hold-up units are customized for Financial Institutions, too, designed by the specialist and Engineering teams that are highly qualified and trained.

  • Document fire safes come in various sizes to suit the needs of various financial institutions.

These are used to safeguard against natural disasters, as well as protecting valuable confidential papers and documents against prying eyes, theft, etc.

Should there be a fire, the five different models that are on offer can withstand intense heat ,of up to 927 degrees Celsius, or 1700 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • What makes your company tick over? The employees, of course, because without the worker bees running the operation, there is no operation to run – so the safety and security of the workers are of paramount importance. The fire door which is fire proof can safeguard your employees against the outbreak of a fire, making the easy to use and easy to see mechanism on the door, even when the electricity goes out in such an event, simple to operate. Adanac is a company that strives to make the world a better place!

Visit there website at Adanac Security.

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