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Qualified safe moving in Canada

Costly mistakes are made when no action is taken at all and little thought has been put into action when moving  a valuable and heavy piece of equipment such as a safe.

So you need to move your safe a mere 15 – 20 feet so that you can refurbish, paint or change the flooring of your office or home space? This seems such an easy task at hand but is the injury worth your while, if you do not have the correct expertise or equipment to move the safe? Is it worth the risk of damaging an expensive safe and the surroundings?

Others suggest you go the DIY “professional” route and hire coasters and sliders, but finding the right ones for this purpose is difficult as only the industrial kind would do for this job!!

So why not let the experts step in and give you a helping hand?

  • Adanac Safe Movers have all the right equipment and expertise at hand.
  • Adanac Safe Movers is the number one safe moving company in Canada.
  • Adanac Safe Movers move both commercial and residential safes.
  • Adanac Safe Movers have experienced and trained staff who are trained to move safes both short and long distances.

Moving safes long distance and moving safes from one location in  Canada to another,  is a job best left to a company, such as Adanac Moving Team , which has the correct equipment & training for the job at hand, such as heavy rigging equipment.

Adanac Moving Team has state of the art equipment, such as electric pallet jacks, air sleds, and stackers which the man in the street would not have on hand. Hiring this equipment is tricky and difficult to find, as well as costly.

Heavy specialized rigging equipment is used to transport large safes weighing up to 1000 pounds.

The more challenging and difficult moves and relocation of safes, would obviously require a larger level of expertise, and equipment, such as narrow passageways, steep inclines, stairs and marble flooring.

  • Stair-climbing transporters will then be used to move the safes up stairs
  • Fork lifts will also be used to lift the safes
  • Rollers are also used to relocate safes under challenging circumstances

So, as mentioned previously – it is best to leave a challenging task such a moving your valuable safe, to the experts.

Contact Adanac Safe movers today at 1-800-461-9610 or visit them online at Adanac Security.

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