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Pistol Safes & Firearm Safety

The way in which you store your firearms can mean the difference between life and death. Gun Vault pistol safes offer you the peace of mind of knowing that your handgun is safe but readily accessible. If you keep a handgun for protection, you absolutely need a GunVault safe to prevent your children--as well as snatch-and-grab thieves--from gaining access to your gun.

Every year, there are numerous accidents and deaths caused by children with guns. Gun owners’ priority is to keep their children safe, yet they also want to maintain rapid access to their guns in the event of an emergency. High quality pistol safes are the means by which concerned citizens can have quick and convenient access to guns while knowing their children are safe.


Adanac Security now offers the perfect solution for manifold gun safe keeping. The special Pistol locker is perfect for a police station environment and offers the following features:

  • Each unit has up to 21 secure compartments.
  • The multiple compartments have transparent doors making viewing the interior simple.
  • This makes it easier to check that officers have left their weapons in a safe storage facility when they are off-duty.

For more information on Gun Safes, or for a FREE Consultation contact Adanac Security today.

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