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Keeping your jewelry safe

Whether your jewelry is of monetary value or has more sentimental value, either way it needs to be kept safe from harm and burglary. Keeping your jewelry safe is easy as long as you follow these easy steps below.

  • The first and most important thing you need to do to keep your jewelry safe is to purchase jewelry safe. For an extensive or valuable jewelry collection you need a safe that is fireproof. This way your jewelry is safe against burglary but also in the event of a fire breaking out. Purchase a fireproof jewelry safe from and they’ll advice you about the different fire resistant ratings.
  • Store your jewelry away from vents or grates. If the central heat or air conditioning of your house runs through the under floor vents, store your jewelry away from the vents to protect it from falling in between the cracks.
  • Make sure that your jewelry fit correctly. This is a simple safeguard to prevent you from losing jewelry – unnecessary. Make sure your jewelry isn’t too big as you will lose it very easily. If you experience weight loss or get a new piece of jewelry that is too big employ a jeweler to size it till it fits properly.
  • If you don’t have a safe, which I strongly advise you do get, store your jewelry in a place that is not obvious. Although an attractive looking box on your mirror table looks nice, it is an easy give away for thieves. Instead keep your jewelry in a kitchen drawer, under the bathroom sink or any other odd location.
  • Have your jewelry appraised periodically to accommodate fluctuating value is a good investment. An appraisal is very important when it comes to ensuring your jewelry as it determines the value which is essential information should your jewelry be stolen.
  • Insure your jewelry. Check whether your short-term insurance does indeed cover lost valuables.

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