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How to select the right gun safe

If you purchase a gun or have one in your possession it is absolutely vital to buy a gun safe as well. Not only is it necessary to protect the safety of others and your children but more importantly from burglars. When purchasing a gun safe for the protection of burglary here is what you need to consider when selecting a gun safe.

  • Make sure the gun safe is bolted down. The most important thing to a burglar trying to crack a safe is time, that is why most burglars will remove the entire safe to a secure place where he has unlimited time to crack the safe.
  • It is essential that your gun safe comes with an alarm. Most gun safes come with an automatic alarm that goes off immediately someone tries to break into the safe. Should a burglar try and crack the safe the alarm will go off and put the burglar under a great deal of pressure. This will possibly put them off from stealing the gun safe in the first place. If your safe is bolted and has an alarm you have double protection installed.
  • Your gun safe’s housing of the lock should be protected, as many burglars will try and drill into the lock in order to get it open. Many gun safe manufacturers have developed ingenious ways to protect the interior housing of the lock. One of those protection mechanisms is two thick metal plates with a layer of ball bearings in between. Once a drill hits the ball bearing layer it causes friction and prevents the drill from moving forward. Other protection mechanisms include angled plates that deflect the drill away from the locking mechanism.
  • Check that the gun safe has a re-locker; a device that will make the lock close again when it is broken open. Although it won’t protect the gun safe forever it will cause a definite deterrent for burglars.
  • Look for a safe that has good metal thickness – all round – and not just on the door. It should be nothing thinner than 10 gauges. There are many safe manufacturers that produce gun safes with thick doors but have thin bodies. Gun safe burglars who are savvy and skilled know which gun safes have vulnerable bodies and will try to get in on the side or get through the safe’s roof. Make sure the gun safe’s sides, top and bottom is thick and strong.
  • There should be as few as possible welded seams. Professional burglars won’t waste their time trying to get into the gun safe through the lock; they will check where the metal has been welded together. The welded seems shouldn’t be visible.
  • Exposed hinges are another easy way to get into a safe and should be on the inside. If the hinges can be damaged or removed the safe’s door can be broken into.
  • Only by from a gun safe or pistol safe manufacturer that can provide you with a warranty.

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