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How safe are your valuables

The whole world is subject to the global economic crisis which means you are probably inclined to stash your cash under a mattress, because hey let’s be honest, where is it now safe to keep your money and valuables? Even more – where does one invest your money these days? Certainly not in the property market or stock market. It is now best to keep your money safe with you. That is why I recommend investing in a quality safe and keep your cash safe until the global financial crisis has recovered to normal. A safe can protect both your valuables from fire and burglary and your cash from faulty investments.

Vice President of Boston Lock and Safe has stated that with bank failures and economic disturbances people are thinking more about buying residential safes.

The safes traditionally found at office supply stores are meant to protect documents like wills and birth certificates, and are not nearly sufficient to provide protection against fire and water damage. They are also very small and not strong enough to protect it against burglars, especially skilled burglars who won’t have a second’s problem breaking into them.

A good burglary resistant safe will have strong hinges and a strong door as well as a locking devise that has proved and tested to be resistant against burglary. You can either choose a locking device that is electronic or mechanical. If you want to protect valuables such as jewelry, cash, and other important documentation I would definitely advise getting a jewelry safe and media safe that is both fire resistant and waterproof. I would recommend getting a safe that has a TL rating of 15 or 30 as they are much heavier, have thicker walls and heavier hinges; all important features that will make breaking into them extremely difficult.

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