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How Drop Safes Work?

Drop safes are safes that are a fast and effect choice to secure Cash, Cheques or Documents quickly and easily. As we know today time is crucial, having the ability to quickly secure cash or documents into the a drop safe is really easy, as it simply involves dropping the money or check into the safe via a small slot. Now getting the contents out is more difficult, pending the level of security that safe offers.

Drop Safes are built with from materials that are quite invincible. Most installations are built and designed into a wall or floor, making them literally impossible to simply carry away by thieves. A Drop Safe offers a fast solution for businesses to make a deposit into a secure safe quickly and safely. No more stuffing your cash in is socks or in the store room box.

Internally, to protect the cash from thieves or employees who might want to "fish" it out the drop window, standard drop safes are inbuilt with an "anti-fish baffle," a mechanism that keeps a person from fishing out the money, using something like a hooked wire.

Of course, with a conventional lock and key mechanism, there is always the risk of someone breaking into the drop safe with a master key, modern drop safes now come equipped with electronic (keyless) access mechanisms, whereby a person can only access the safe through an electronic key-code rather than a mechanical key, making it virtually inaccessible by unauthorized people.

Most manufacturers built safes at different “cash ratings”, rated by the dollar value stored. When choosing the right Drop Safe make sure you choose a manufacture that will help you choose the right security level that meets your needs.

Adanac Security offers a number of Drop Safes sizes. Contact Adanac Security for a FREE consultation; let the experts help keep your cash secure.

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