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Home and business security safes

The most effective way to protect your valuable jewellery, documents, guns and personal items is with a safe. Safes are an effective way of protecting your assets against thieves as well as unforeseen elements such as fires, floods and climate changes.

Crime statistics show that most intruders spend between 3 and 5 minutes in a home. If someone has broken into and entered your home and they come across a safe in their search for your valuables, there is a very good chance they will be deterred from continuing their activities. A locking file-cabinet is easy to break into and will be one of the first places would-be thieves will look for valuables. Intricate jewellery boxes may be nice to look at, however, they are ineffective as thieves are able to just pick these up and walked away, as opposed a heavy home safe or vault.

Safes are particularly important for businesses and home-based businesses, where irreplaceable documents, files and archives are stored. A good number of businesses have been ruined due to irreversible damages by fire. (According to a 2004 report by the National Fire Protection Association, 2.3 billion dollars is lost annually due to fire destruction).

Purchasing a security safe is a valuable addition to your home or business security system. In the event that an intruder manages to gain unlawful entry to your home, you will have a second tier of protection for your valuables. It is a small investment to protect your important documents, irreplaceable family heirlooms and any weapons that you want to out of the hands of children or criminals. In addition to this, insurers view these extra security measurements as less risk for them so you may be offered lower insurance premiums.

For more information of some of the Safes & Specialty Products please explore out products page. Contact Us today, for a FREE Consultation. At Adanac Security we take you security seriously.

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