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Floor Safes

Let's face it; you have to keep your valuables secure. Gone are the days of sleeping with your windows open and trusting everybody with your valuables. You have to be careful but not so overprotective that you can't at least have some piece of mind about your priceless heirlooms. One way to give you that security is with floor safes.

What is a Floor Safe?

These sturdy and effective safes are designed to be installed securely in the floor to keep your expensive items secure from theft. Depending on what you are storing, whether its firearms or documents, floor safes are the best insurance you can buy.

Types of Floor Safes

When you look at what type of floor safe to buy, it's best to think of it as an investment. There are several types and you can choose from a variety of locks as well. You can have a key lock, combination lock or even an electronic style, the fact that they are in the floor gives thieves less of a mark if they start digging around for your valuables.

Floors safes are very popular because when they are installed they are placed into the floor and then covered with a rug to be concealed from searching eyes. The effectiveness of a floor safe makes a significant and beneficial hiding place, you can rest assured that whoever doesn't know it's there won't think to look for it in the floor. It's not an obvious place to put a safe.

After you have determined which safe is going to work for you think of what you will be storing in it. Also, give yourself room to grow; stuffing everything of value into a floor safe isn't smart. You need some wiggle room in case you need to get to an item quickly, there may come a time that you have to get into it without a problem.

Some floor safes have large openings while others have smaller ones. Take into account who will be responsible for the items in the safe. There are safes that are deep in depth and others that are long in length. Choose the one that is going to work for you and remember that you will want to buy one that you can live with.

Since some safes are placed in cement it is best to choose one that you can easily obtain items from. Once it's set you will have to work around its location. Make sure to put it into a place that only a few people are aware of unless it’s a personal safe. The floor safes of today are built to last and keeping your expensive items secure from theft, fire and natural disasters is the whole idea.

Choose a brand that fits your needs and know that when you anchor these reinforced metal boxes to the floor that you are not only keeping your important items safe but you are insuring their priceless value. Check out how much they cost and then compare that cost to making a claim with your insurance company.

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