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Fireproof safes – why you need one

There are no guarantees in life. Similarly we have no guarantee against a fire breaking out. It could be as sudden as lightning thunder or as a candle falling over. Whichever way it occurs it is crucial that you or your company protect valuables and documents in a fireproof safe. A fire and waterproof safe is designed in such a way that it will keep the internal temperature below a certain temperature when the safe is exposed to a fire. When the safe is exposed to fire, the insulated material expands and seals the safe against any harmful effects of water used to put out a fire.

Fireproof ratings

All fireproof safes have a fire rating indicated in time. It is the amount of time the safe can be exposed to fire and keep the temperature inside the safe below the external temperature, before it rises above a certain temperature.

  • Fireproof Media Safe

    If you want to store and protect electronic computer media such as CD’s, DVDs etc. you will need a fireproof media safe that is fire rated for media specifically. A media fireproof safe has a lower fire rating of 125 degrees F for its maximum internal temperature opposed to a fireproof document safe of 350 degrees F. A fireproof media safe carries a rating for maximum humidity (80%) providing protection against electromagnetic fields, electrostatic discharge and dust.
  • Fireproof Gun Safe

    The fireproof rating temperature for protecting your guns and pistols in a fireproof gun safe is 350 degrees F. The temperature is the same for jewellery and documents. For example, a one hour, 350 degrees F rating would mean that the safe could be exposed to a 1 700 degrees F fire, the inside temperature will stay at 350 degrees F for one hour before the temperature increases.


  • Fireproof Media Safe

    When storing electronic media you will need to choose interior design for the safe suited to the size and number of media that will be kept in the safe.
  • Fireproof Gun Safe

    Make sure you choose a gun safe that will accommodate the special size requirements of your rifles and shot guns.

Consult the safe specialist, Adanac Security for a variety of safes including media safes, fireproof and water safes, gun safes etc. If you are uncertain about which safe to purchase for a particular item and location please don’t hesitate to contact Adanac Security.

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