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Fireproof Home safes – Be prepared for the worst

Many of us go through life thinking that will never happen to me. “I will never be in an accident” or “I don’t need to get a fireproof home safe, because what are the chances that a fire will break out at my home? We are careful people.” Not only is it naïve to think this way but it means you are willing to take a risk with your life as well as your family’s. Accidents aren’t something we have any control over or guarantee that it won’t happen.

If you have rifles in your house, valuable collections like jewellery or coins or electronic media such as CDs and DVDs that needs to be protected from being stolen or destroyed, then I’d strongly advise investing in a fireproof gun safe, jewellery safe and a fireproof media safe, depending on what needs to protected.

It is better to be prepared for the worst than being caught by surprise when an unexpected fire at your house has destroyed all your valuable belongings. There are important benefits of having a fireproof home safe:

  • A fireproof home safe or media safe is an easy way to protect your important documents and valuables. The alternative is to have a safety deposit box at your bank, but if you need more space and would like to keep your belongings at home, you need a fireproof home safe.
  • Most safes are fire resistant and not fire proof. That means it will protect documents and valuables for a certain amount of time at different temperatures. Safes are rated by the Underwriter’s Laboratory. A Class C will protect paper for one hour in a 1 700 degrees fire, a Class B safe will protect for two hours in a 1 850 degrees fire and a Class A safe will provide protection for two hours in 2 000 degrees. If you want to protect electronic media you’ll need a specilised fireproof media safe.

Don’t be caught with your pants at your ankles for not taking precaution and investing in a fireproof home safe, media safe or gun safe. Make sure your valuables are protected by contacting

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