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Environmental-Friendly Safe Manufacturer and Dealer in Canada

Adanac Security and Specialty Services Ltd is a leading safe manufacturer and safe dealer in Canada that continuously endeavors to provide superior quality security products to its customers with a conscious focus on environmental impact. It has a wide variety of products ranging from Small safes to full vaults. Whatever your security requirements may be, Adanac Security is the number one source in Canada.

Founded in 1974, Adanac seeks to maintain its position as an innovative and dynamic safe company. It is highly experienced in manufacturing and installing top-of-the-line security solutions, establishing its place as one of the most highly reputable safe manufactures and safe dealer companies all over Canada. Among its loyal customers are leading names in the banking and finance industry, hospitality industry, and several government agencies from all around Canada.

Adanac's team of highly skilled staff and consultants are highly knowledgeable of the strict standards in the manufacturing and installation of security solutions. In their desire to provide only the best products and services, they always strive to have an in-depth understanding of the security needs of their customers. With the demands of the market changing very rapidly, they always direct their efforts to being updated in the latest in security solutions and strategies.

Environment-Friendly Safe Company

Due to the environmental challenges people all over the globe are facing, Adanac has committed to attempt to make a positive difference in whatever way it can. It is driven to make an impact through its systems, products and services to reduce our impact on the environment. It seeks to adapt an environment-friendly mindset in all its activities so it can make the a positive impact.

Adanac constantly updates itself on the national and international issues on environmental management. It strives to comply with laws and regulations pertaining to the environment so it can continue to be an environment-friendly safe company. It is committed to prevent pollution as much as possible by eliminating or reducing the use of processes or materials that pollute the environment. It educates its employees to re-use and recycle resources within their offices and in their factories.

Adanac regularly reviews its systems and processes so it can identify areas that need to be improved. Even at the onset of a manufacturing process, positive environmental impact is already considered. Maintenance of equipment in the manufacturing line is of utmost importance in the company to ensure their optimum performance, thus increasing their efficiency and maximizing the conservation of consumables.

Environmental aspects are highly considered when selecting suppliers and in making manufacturing-related decisions. The staff is involved in thinking of ways to improve the company's environmental management systems. They are trained accordingly to keep them motivated to participate in the company's effort to make a positive environmental impact.

Adanac products are built to last for years promoting sustainability. Each product is designed to be used for many generations supporting the company's environment-friendly mindset. Being an environment-friendly safe manufacturer and retailer brings benefits not just to the environment but also to the customers. Adanac guides its customers in choosing the correct safe that perfectly suits their security needs. Sustainability and positive environmental impact are the key factors that are considered when making recommendations to customers.

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