Printer View What you probably didn’t know about environmental friendly companies.

You might be wondering to yourself what an environmentally friendly company is and what it entails?
After all we all think of those strange folk who sacrifice all for the environment and tie themselves to trees in front of bulldozers and blow up whaling ships – but seriously, what does it actually mean to be an environmentally friendly company.

Well, to start off with, the three most important things that affect our surroundings and environment in the workplace, and where we can save the most is:
  • energy
  • water
  • paper
Saving on all the little things adds up to the big things – saving pennies leads to saving pounds. Let’s face facts ,in to-days economic climate, it is essential that we all save on every little thing that we can – if costs are kept low in the work place this could mean a lot to the revenue of companies, preventing job losses. This is where recycling plays a really important role.

Recycling is really important, whether it is in the home, factory or in business in general.

Adanac Security is an environmentally friendly safe company and right from the outset trains and encourages all their employees to be creative and environmentally aware, encouraging new ideas , keeping an open mind to come up with new and inventive ideas on how to be more environmentally conscious.

Right from the initial stages of manufacturing , Adanac uses eco friendly products , and has a conscious focus on the impact on the environment.

Adanac Security uses and recycles all office equipment

There are various ways that waste can be averted in any work environment
  • turning off computers at night saves energy as much as 50%
  • communication by email saves paper without printing
  • using fax to computer saves paper wastage
  • fix all dripping taps – this saves water
  • using recycled paper
  • refurbish all office equipment and furniture
Adanac Security is Canada’s leading environmental and eco-friendly safe company.

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