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Eco companies boast that they are Eco Friendly – Words such as Eco Friendly - Eco Companies - Green Companies…

What are these catch phrases all about? Going green?

Why would it be of any benefit to use a company that advertises that they are a “green company?”

We would all like our world to be preserved for thousands of years from now. So many have said, “There are billions of people in this world, how much different can “I” make?” Well you can. Imagine if you do one thing this month, and the other billions do one thing? together. By supporting and encouraging everyone to go green, or eco friendly, and supporting the companies that are truly environmentally aware, we all can make a difference.

Adanac Security, a Safe Company is one such company. They use Eco Friendly Products, training and educating their staff to become more eco aware…. and if every company that we use has the same attitude and outlook in preserving our Planet, then this is a monumental step in the right direction.

There is a conscious focus on the environmental impact on the surroundings of the offices and the factories of this prestigious safe manufacturing company, which was started as far back as 1974, making it Canada’s number one source of safes – from the small household safes, to the large full vaults used by large government and banking institutions.

Right from the onset of the manufacturing of new products – Adanac keeps in mind the impact that all aspects of their manufacturing will have on the environment.

This superior safe manufacturing company encourages all their staff to recycle and re-use office equipment, educating them to go about preserving the environment, always encouraging them to keep an open mind to new ideas in this regard, and when customers use Adanac security products, they are encouraged to use their equipment with preserving the environment in mind.

It is by awareness and education alone that the environment is preserved. Adanac’s safes are built to last, making this a long- term investment and one that is an eco friendly choice.

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