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Easy Opportunities Encourage Theft

It is a shocking fact that the average retailer will lose as much as $2 to $3 in cash for every 100 sales to employee theft. That means if you gross $1 million in sales, you could expect to lose $30,000 or more in cash.

Employee theft is a crime of opportunity. Remove the opportunity, and theft will decline. Unfortunately it’s not enough to be careful when hiring or installing surveillance equipment. The only way to slow down employees that steal are is by having everything locked up tight.

All Adanac safes are designed to help you keep cash locked up and controlled, while still allowing easy access to a fluid bank of change fund.

Adanac’s cash handler safes are also designed with extra storage space for valuable items like gift certificates, lottery tickets, money orders, and negotiable checks.

To help reduce employee theft you must carefully control your cash. Have employees drop all extra cash into a drop safe, and identify these drops by employees. Keep accurate clock-in times from each employee and each shift. Invest in a drop safe system that is easy to use.

Even honest and well-meaning employees that may find your safe difficult to use, will avoid using it. That means they will leave cash in an exposed drawer, box or some other foolish hiding place.

Adanac cash handlers are easy to use!

For more information of some of Drop Safes & Cash Handling Safes please explore out products page. Contact Us today, for a FREE Consultation. At Adanac Security we take you security seriously. Contact Adanac Security Today Call Tom at 1-800-461-9610

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