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Keeping your corporate documents safe with a document fire safe

Although we are very dependent on computers for all our documentation, a digital copy is not the same as a hard copy. Some companies are going paperless to save money but the most important documents cannot be placed on a flash drive and stored for safe keeping. A Document Fire Safe is the best way to keep important papers separate so they don't get damaged in a fire.

Corporate documents, like articles of incorporation or minute books, & ledgers; or even personal documents, like a birth certificates, a marriage license along with wills and deeds are often stored in a drawer or file cabinet with very little protection. A Document Fire Safe allows you keep the important parchments under lock and key so you can preserve them from fire.

Business owners who keep their important papers on site need the security of a document safe. Determining which files to keep secure shouldn't be a guessing game, when you have the hardware to keep deeds, payroll and personal files protected it shows good business sense. Some companies rely too much on something not happening and spend little time on preparing for the unthinkable such as a fire.

Trying to replace original documents is costly and time consuming. Most of the time a certified copy is required of an original document but if it's been destroyed what can you do?  Some documents are more important than others and with the digital age moving faster and faster many people forget about holding on to something tangible until it's too late.

Fire safes are designed to withstand heat up to a certain degree and for a certain amount of time. If disaster does happen your important documents will be safe and secure. Insurance companies often give discounts to people who take the extra step and secure their belongings past what is expected.

A fire safe isn't usually placed in the floor or secured so it can't be removed, they are usually in a secure place and if a fire does break out it can be retrieved and the important documents will still be safe. If a fire does break out they are sturdy enough to keep the contents safe.

Many of these safes are set up like a filing cabinet so finding important documents is not hard at all. Even if you don't run a business having a document safe is a smart way to keep those important papers secure and fireproof.

You cannot predict what tomorrow will bring. You need to be prepared! If you had the security of Document Fire Safe in your home or business then you would have one less thing to worry about. Accidents happen; with a proactive approach making sure that your important documents are safe and secure is why you need a document safe.

There is a well-established security company in Canada that specializes Security Safes that can assist you should you need a Document Fire Safe – including Sales, Service, and Installations.

Contact Adanac Security today, they have been helping companies with Safes for over 20 years.

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