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Well - the proof of the pudding is in the eating – so the saying goes. But if you think about this it is a really good saying when describing a company which has been around for as long as Adanac has been, which was established in 1974, which goes to show that Adanac is reputable and been in the safe and security business for a long time. A strong, solid history, making Adanac Security a good choice when purchasing a wall safe, gun safe, fire door, drop safe or any other security product.

Adanac Security is Canada’s #1 safe manufacturing and Maintenance Company, of which many financial institutions and government agencies are long standing clients, making this an excellent choice of company to choose when requiring a maintenance or service company for your safe or vault.

Adanac offers a wide variety of services from safe moving, installations, and maintenance contracts for both the residential and the commercial sector.
  • Servicing of vault doors
  • Complete service contracts
  • Safe Moving Installations
  • Lost Keys
  • Keylocks
  • Jammed Doors – the doors will neither open or shut
  • Combination and Digital Padlocks
  • New & Used Safe Dealer & Manufacturer
  • Emergency Service Canada-Wide.
To show there commitment to there clients, they offer a central Toll-Free dispatch center, 24 hours a day – seven days a week.

When choosing a company that is going to help protect your documents, valuables, respectfully choose carefully. There are many companies out there that look good, but are they?

Look for companies that have a long history, strong customer testimonials and one that has the expertise and a long service record. Knowing you are protected and secure is one of those issues that prevents a good night sleep or distracts us from what is most important.

It is encouraging to know that if something should go wrong then Adanac Security’s Qualified Technicians are only a telephone call away. The service contracts that Adanac Security offer’s ensure that all the vaults, doors, safes are always in excellent working order.

Service contracts are offered at reasonable rates, and should a vault or safe breakdown you are covered with the up-most care. It is therefore only reasonable to say that Adanac Security offers a great service to their client.

For more information on Adanac's Safe products and services, contact Adanac Security today.

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