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Antique Safe Manufacturers in Canada

Most people have a safe in their homes. Whether they have cash, guns, jewellery or something more valuable in there it doesn’t matter, having a safe is always a safe choice. The only thing better than a safe is an antique safe. It may sound like rubbish that wouldn’t be able to keep a stone safe, but it is actually like any other safe you may use. The only difference is that antique safe manufacturers put a lot of small details into the safe and take every factor into consideration. Safes can have many uses. They don’t have to carry anything worth a lot of money. Even if you have important documents that you are scared you might lose, your safe is the answer.

When you are looking for antique safe manufacturers there are many options you have, but just one would be the Southern Safes & Vaults, Inc. They offer antique safes of different prices, descriptions, dimensions and weight. They were established in 1948 and they functioned for many years as the manufacturer’s representative for another company called Diebold Inc. What they specialized in was protection equipment and system equipment. They have had more than one name, so you might know them as Southern Business Systems, INC or Southern Business Systems. Some of the safes they specialize in include electronic safes, burglar safes, fire safes, gun safes, narcotic safes, depository safes, wall safes and floor safes.

When digital technology was introduced they tended to put less emphasis on certain systems equipment and rather put more emphasis on their physical security equipment. This is why in 1999 they made their final name change to Southern Safes & Vaults, Inc and that’s the way it stayed, because that name is what best describes what they do. Over the years as the company has grown so they have expanded what they offer, in order to include an installation division as well as a factory trained service division. This is why they are one of the most well known antique safe manufacturers there are in Canada.

Adanac Security, head office in Barrie, Ontario, Canada is one of the best manufacturers for a wide variety of Safes, vaults and specialty security equipment.  They offer more than just plain locks and safes, pure excellence and safety when you need it most. They have been in the business for over 25 years, so they know what needs to be done. They are one of Canada’s leading independent security companies that have service contracts with a vast amount of Financial Institutions, Government Agencies, Box Stores… Adanac Security is well known to offer a wide range of security products and expert knowledge as well as Canada’s foremost specialists when it comes to manufacturing and installing complex systems. There are also other divisions that specialize in the design and installation of vaults, safes and anti hold-up devices.

Canada has many antique safe manufacturers, but it is up to you to decide which one is best. However, know that Adanac Security is highly recommended. You are making a wise decision by looking for an antique safe. Not only can it hold your valuables and keep them safe, but it also looks good.

To learn more about Adanac Security please visit there website at Adanac Security

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