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A guide to buying jewellery safes

If you have a precious jewellery collection or any other valuables you’ll need a jewellery safe to protect it from burglary and provide fire protection. In general jewellery safes are more burglar resistant than standard home or office safes. Here is a guide to buying jewellery safes.

  • Burglar rating

    Jewellery safes carry a burglar rating informing you how difficult it will be for a burglar to break into the safe. An example of a burglar rating is TL -15. This means that the safe has been tested to withstand break-ins by a professional individual such as a locksmith using common burglar tools, for 15 minutes. Although 15 minutes don’t sound that long it is an eternity for a burglar whom is interested in a quick break-in-and-out of the safe burglary method. The TL -30 rated model is even stronger. According to research there has never been a locksmith that could break into a TL-rated safe in less than one and a half hours.
  • Fireproof rating

    Most jewellery safes also have a fireproof rating. An example fire rating would be 1 700 degrees F, one and a half hour, 350 degree F rating. That means the jewellery safe could be exposed to 1700 degree F for a period of one and a half hours during which the temperature of the safe will not exceed 350 degrees F.
  • Locking Mechanism

    Jewellery safe models come in the traditional combination dial lock and electronic keypad locks of which the latter is much more convenient. The user simply enters the combination of the safe on a PIN pad which is similar to an ATM. Some models even allow multiple users with multiple combinations or PIN numbers.
  • Re-locking mechanism

    When shopping for a jewellery safe look for one with one or more re-locking mechanisms. This will protect the contents of the safe when someone has tampered with the locking mechanism.
  • Storage space

    Choose a jewellery safe that allows for growth in your collection of jewellery or valuables.

When purchasing a jewellery safe there is a number of factors to consider. When choosing a model make sure you consider the burglar rating, the fireproof rating, the locking mechanism and storage space. For a wide variety of jewellery safe models and other safes visit

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