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Why A Media Safe Is a Smart Investment

Friday, April 29, 2011
Many people today have important documents on their computer. This information can be quite personal, from passwords, SIN numbers, banking documents, as well as personal pictures, just to name a few. Much of this information needs to be backed up, so there are a number of DVD's well as zip drives and back up hard drives. That is a media safe is a smart investment.

The problem is that even with this information backed up, there is a number of risks things that can happen. If you ever have a fire, these documents can be destroyed, so backing your computer is pointless. Then you have to think about some one breaking into your home. Identity theft is one of the biggest problems in this country, and all of your personal information could be stolen and sold on the black market.

To prevent this, or having to replace all your birth certificates, passports, and other paperwork, it is important to invest in a media safe. These safes are specially designed to keep your valuable media sources from burning up in a fire, and depending on the type of safe, can deter vandals and thieves.

There are differences between a media safe and a regular safe where you keep your jewelry and weapons. One of the biggest is that many of these valuable resources start to melt or burn at much lower temperatures, as well as in a shorter period of time. For computer files, they are damaged beyond usage at just 125 degrees and just 80% humidity. Such items like microfilm, may need even more protection. While there are many that keep these valuables with their weapons and jewelry, these safes may not protect media resources.

Whether you need a media safe for the home, office or corporation, there are many styles and sizes to choose from. You can find stand alone models, ones that can be hidden in a wall or floor. There are some that come with a simple keyed lock, all the way up to the premium fingerprint locking mechanisms. While they are more expensive, a fingerprint safe is a good choice, because only a select few people can have their fingerprints programmed into the system. Thieves tend to bypass these safes because they have to take so much time trying to open them, using cutting torches which they wouldn't be bringing with them.

To make a smart investment even smarter, it is a good idea to really do your research. Go online, see what kinds of media safes are available, comparing features and prices. One of the other considerations is finding a company that offers not only a variety of safes, but they deliver, and service their products. You also need to look at any warranty that comes with the particular safe. The better the warranty, the better the product you're buying.

If you live in Canada, then one of the best companies around is Adanac Security. They offer a wide variety of new safes, as well as refurbished models. They service all the products they sell, offer delivery and set up on large safes, and have been serving the community for many years.

To learn more about a media safe please contact Adanac Security for a FREE Consultation.

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