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Friday, May 20, 2011

Drop Safes allows an easily secured box for quick depositing of money, or valuables. They make a great addition for home, office, or retail establishments. Drop safes are built in a variety of sizes. Individuals may only need a small convenient size to drop items throughout the day, or weeks during the month.

On a daily basis, larger facilities may have several people who deposit items. Banks use them for customers to make a nigh deposit, retail companies may have several who drop money after each hour of business, auto repair shops may have one for customers to drop their keys. This is more protection from thieves.

A good drop safe will be constructed with a thick metal body that will can not be broken into by drilling, or penetrated with a heavy object. The door will be made of a thick metal construction to prevent it from being knocked in for easy access. The threshold will be flush between the door, and the body to prevent using a wedge to open the safe. A good safe will be built with more than one bolt in the door to anchor shut providing more security. A well constructed safe will provide extra reinforcement on the inside to prevent someone from cutting the outside hinges off the door. Even if they can penetrate the outside, the door will still stay shut.

There are a variety of drop safes. Some have the ability for people to drop from the top, or the side. The size of opening into the drop box will be determined if it is made for large packages, or small envelopes with contents. The locks on the doors can come with the old dial combination that has worked for more than two hundred years. Some may want the electronic keypad with many combination that can be programmed into it. These safes can come with an audit trail feature lock that can be connected to a computer to traced every time someone opened the safe.

For additional security, a well designed drop safe will have anchor holes on the bottom of the safe to be bolted to the floor, or inside the wall to prevent a small safe from being stolen.

Adanac Security design keeps your money, and valuables protected. That is literally worth its weight in gold! Contact Adanac to learn more about New and Used Drop Safes

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