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Media Safes in Toronto

Friday, November 05, 2010
There are many documents that need protecting these days, though for the most part we have converted our documents to digital formats. Because of this it has become much easier to manage and secure our information, though there are times when even that information needs to be protected properly. You may choose to keep all of your documents on paper, or you may decide to keep them on a secure hard drive, but having knowledge of the different types of Media Safes in Toronto will go a long way towards ensuring that your documents are relatively safe.

Fireproof Media Safes

There are in fact many different types of Media Safes in Toronto, one of the more popular is the fireproof safe. There are a couple of different types, the most popular type is the floor mounted safe. Typically floor mounted safes are bolted to the floor and virtually impossible to steal. The design of the fireproof media safe is actually a bit different than your run of the mill safe simply because of its nature.

Typically a fireproof media safe will bear a strong resemblance to any other types of safes, but it will have a layer fireproof materials built within to protect it during a fire. Something to note is that no matter how secure a safe is, once in a fire the safe has performed its job and will require replacing. If one of your safes is caught in a fire, the fireproof materials will be depleted, meaning the safe should not be used in any environment wherein it may catch fire. That is not to say that the safe in question can never be used again, but it should not have the term "Fireproof".

When you are purchasing a Media Safe in Toronto you will need to make sure you choose one that fits your needs. Many of the better media safes are set up as if they were filing cabinets. Investigate all the variety of safes available and there pros and cons before buying. Buying the right safe can make a huge difference in keeping your documents safe.

Adanac Security, manufactures as well sells a variety of quality Media Safes in Toronto. Contact Adanac and see all the types of safes available at

Media Safes in Toronto

Friday, January 21, 2011

Types of Media Safes in Toronto

There are many different media safes available in the Toronto area, as well as for just about anywhere else. There are models for paper documents, electronic devices, and CD's, anything you happen to have valuable information stored. Others can store a variety of different documents, having a high fire and theft rating. One type of media safe has a keyed lock, and come in a regular safe model, or in filing cabinet form. Then you have the combination lock styles, which can have the elegance of older safe models, with either a dial or digital combination.

Safes for Documents

It is important in this day and age that we keep any kind of personal documents safe. This is true for the family that is afraid of getting robbed and having all their birth certificates, vehicle titles or medical records stolen and falling into the wrong hands . It is also true for the business what needs to keep its financial records, business contacts, and payroll records private, as well as the corporation that needs to keep it's contacts and client records confidential. No matter who you are, price, quality of manufacturing, and service is important as well.

Media Safe Dealers

There are many quality safe dealers on the internet. If your live in the Toronto area or any other part of Canada there is one company that is the most reliable, those that live elsewhere can use this company as a model in finding one to serve you. Adanac Security has been in the business of helping connect consumers with quality security products and services for a number of years. They offer a wide selection of products from quality manufactures like Sentry Safe and AMSEC, as well as many different commercial products like drop safes, safe deposits boxes, and burglary booths. They also have a wide selection of media safes, in five models, all which are fire rated for an hour at 1700 degrees.

More than just a safe dealer

In addition to offering many different security products, they also back up their products with a variety of services. You can set up a service contract to have them come in and perform regular maintenance on vault doors, media safes, gun safes and other valuables. The also offer a number of emergency services that are available twenty four hours a day, such as repairs, to open them or even to rekey or program the locking mechanism.

From brand new merchandise to high quality refurbished items, Adanac Security is the one to choose when it comes to finding the right safe for all of your needs. They have reasonable prices, a long history of quality service, and can even help you decide which safe product is right for you.

Lastly, it is important to understand that while any safe manufacturer or retailer may offer the best fire and burglary protection available, it is still a good idea to also have your valuable documents insured, as well as back up files in case of an emergency.

To learn more about media safes, visit

Media Safes In Toronto

Friday, May 06, 2011
We all know the importance of backing up our computer files on a regular basis. Some choose to back up onto another drive in their computer, some backup to a remote site and some backup important files to removable media such as disc. We feel safe that are files are now secure. Perhaps they aren't.

Back Up

Storing important files on a separate drive works if your OS is corrupted, but what if your computer is destroyed by fire, your backup is gone too. While off-site storage by automatic backup to another site is a safer option, storage companies go out of business or can be hacked. Important data are subject to compromise. Those who store backups on removable media can lose it all if they toss it in a desk drawer or a folio. It can be lost, stolen or destroyed by fire. The best solution is to get a media safes from Adanac Security and backup to removable media that can be stored safely and protected from theft and fire.

Media Safes

Media safes are excellent for storing paper records, important documents and source material too. Adanac's wide variety of refurbished media safes will fit inconspicuously with your office or home decor.

Each media safe is:

  • ULC listed for a fire resistant rating of 927 degrees C or 1700 degrees F for one hour. This exceeds the requirements for temperatures for safe storage of computer media or documents.
  • Available in many styles
  • Preventative maintenance contract available
  • 24 hour emergency service available
Founded in 1974, Adanac Security has grown to be a major supplier of security storage products in Canada and North America and is insurance company recommended for all types of security storage solutions. Adanac provides Media Safes in Toronto and sales are world-wide. Adanac products are less expensive than new products, but meet stringent security requirements. Adanac's media safe refurbishing process by the Manufacturing Team includes:
  • Refinishing to match any decor
  • Add or restructure older safes for maximum security
  • Use cutting edge locking technology
Protect your valuable documents and computer media now. Visit us at Adanac Security or call us at 1-800-461-9610.

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