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Gun Safe Promotion

Friday, April 08, 2011
If you are a gun owner, you know the importance of keeping your weapons in a safe place. Not all safes are the same, nor are the companies that sell them. One of the best and most trusted names in the industry for Gun Safes is Adanac Security. Not only do they offer a number of different sized safes, but they deliver, as well as set up your safe in a secure location, using bolts to firmly attach it to the floor.

Most people who own a Gun Safe usually put them in an isolated location, and this may not always be a wise choice. This gives a thief the private time they need to break open a safe with a sledge hammer or some other tool. By securing it to the floor in a location determined by you and Adanac, thieves are going to be more likely to completely pass up trying to steal your valuable gun collection.

Adanac Security knows that most people are not made of money, but they also know that you need to keep your guns safe, not only from thieves, but from accidents as well. Because of this, they offer economical secure security solutions.

Right now they are offering a special promotional sale on the 10 Gun Key and Combination Safe. This model has a number of features. It is third party fire rated, has security features such as hardened steel lock plates, which protect the safe from drilling. It has a pry resistant, solid steel door, with six protection points.

Inside there is enough room for 10 long rifles or shot guns, and has extra storage shelves that can be removed when not used. The inside of the safe has full carpeting, which prevents bangs and dings on your valuable collections. The outside comes in a matte paint, with a textured surface. The hardware is has a satin brass finish, with a contemporary vertical handle.

The electronic lock has a five number key pad, and allows for three different combinations, as well as an override key. This safe is 55.1" high, 19.8" wide, and 16.9" deep on the outside, with over 53x18x11 of interior space, This safe would normally retail for almost $700, now just $548 during this special offer. This product comes with a limited one year warranty.

We all know the importance of protecting your home from burglars, but you also need a safe that falls within your budget, and has the features you want in a safe. At Adanac, they understand your needs, and in addition to this promotional offer, they also carry a wide variety of styles and models to choose from, including refurbished safes. While these safes have been used, they meet or exceed all standards for fire or burglary ratings.

Adanac has been a leader in the safe and security business for more than thirty years. They have been entrusted to service banks as well as other lending institutions, large businesses and corporations, and now even retail consumers. If you are looking for a company with trained professionals, a helpful and satisfying customer service staff, then this is the company for you.

In addition to free standing gun safes, they offer wall safes, drop safes, media safes and more. To learn more contact Adanac Security.

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