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Drop Safe Promotion

Friday, April 15, 2011
Not a lot of people know what a drop safe is. When businesses need to store large amounts of money, and can't always go to the bank on a regular basis, they use drop safes to store these extra bills. Restaurants, grocery stores, and mass marketing retailers also use them, to hold large amounts of money until the armored courier can take it to the bank. Banks use them as well, any night depository is a drop safe. All you see is the part where payments are dropped into, the locking mechanism is on the inside.

You can't get a drop safe from just anywhere, because you want one that will fit your individual needs. Maybe you need some of your employees have an area where till drawers, receipts, and change can be stored, but the majority of the income only being able to by accessed by management.

If you need a drop safe, then you should start with Adanac Security. While they are located in Canada, they can be accessed by anyone across the world, and are North America's Leader in the safe and security industry. The offer services such as upgrading and maintaining vaults of several lending and banking institutions. They have been servicing the needs of businesses and corporations since 1974, and are now open to the retail consumer.

All Adanac drop safes have B-rated solid steel plates, one half inches on the door and a quarter of an inch on the body. All of them feature combination lock that is rated Group II by Underwriter's laboratories, and protected by another harder plate. The lock goes all the way into place, which can prevent opening the safe simply by prying on the hinges.

Some of the other features that are offered on these drop safes during this promotion are large drop openings, so they can handle large bags, envelopes with credit card receipts, and other odd shaped items. Each safe includes a special anti fish system which prevents thieves from 'scooping' out the envelopes and bags. There are bolt down holes, so the safe can be mounted on the floor. These promotional safes are all blue gray in color, and have seamlessly welded sides.

There are different drop safe promotional safes that are offered through Adanac Security, the smallest sizes are less that $500, the one with the most features is still well under $1000.
  1. The smallest is the ADA FL1913-E. It is a front loading model, which is small enough to fit under a counter, or desk. It has an outside height of 19", with a 12 and 2/3" inside clearance. This unit sells for just $495.
  2. The most expensive models is the ADA FL3914-E. It stands 39" high, 13.5" wide, and 15" deep on the outside. It has a front loading drawer, the electronic drop safe, as well as a large safe below, accessible for till drawers and extra change. This model sells for just $875.
Adanac Security is a full service retailer, and they can help you find the best location for your safe, deliver it to your business, and even install it for you. The can set up a regular maintenance program, because it is important that your drop safe is in top working order.

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