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Affordable Sentry Safes in Toronto

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sentry Safes are an affordable alternative to higher price products when it comes to safely securing the valuables in your home or office. There are a number of different products to choose from, wall safes, floor, freestanding cabinet safes, as well as gun safes and file holders. All of these are made from the highest quality fireproof materials, and come in a variety of different lock choices. You can choose from the standard combination locks, which are the cheapest and most affordable, but if you are not worried about your budget that much, they even offer fingerprint and retinal scanning locking mechanisms as well.

Affordable Safes in Toronto

When you are looking for an affordable safe on just about any budget, no one can beat the prices for Sentry Safes. Here are just a few examples of the many products to choose from. If you are looking for something portable, then the Sentry Safe Waterproof Chest is a good and affordable option. It has a ETL verification and a UL classification fire rating for thirty minutes at temperatures up to 1550 degrees. It comes with a tubular key lock, has a ETL verified waterproof seal, and a one year warranty under $100.

If you are looking for a more permanent solution to storing your valuables, there are many other Sentry Safes available as well. One of them is the Large Size X105. This is an electronic safe with an over ride key. It has two live bolt locks, a removable shelf as well as a carpeted floor. It is large enough for many different sized laptop computers, numerous CD,s, and even has access for a power supply cord. It also includes an easy to follow kit with hardware included to permanently mount it to the floor. It has a one cubic foot capacity, under $100.

You can buy these safes through Adanac Security & Specialty Products, or from a number of online retailers. While you want to be able to keep all your valuables safe and secure, you also want to find a quality safe that is affordable as well. With Sentry Safes, you get the best of both worlds.

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