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Why Buy a Refurbished Safe?

Adanac has been in the safe business for over thirty (30) years. We have found out customers have a number of questions that helps understand why a refurbished safe is a good choice.


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Candidates to be refurbished by Adanac

The only products we resell are security products/equipment that are in good working condition and that once they are reconditioned, can be warranted and relied upon for a lifetime. Sometimes it is difficult to tell if one of the products is reconditioned or new. Adanac is very proud of the staff that takes part in the reconditioning process.

How do we obtain used security equipment?

We come across equipment in a variety of methods. Equipment comes from banks, credit unions, and commercial clients that are moving, expanding, upgrading, closing etc. The majority are products that are standard models produced by manufacturers throughout the world.

We usually have from 400 to 600 refurbished products in stock.

We have a full staff factory trained to repair, recondition, modify and refurbish these products, so if the product you select needs to be modified with a custom hardware/interior, Adanac will make it happen.

Burglary, Jewellery & Bankers Safes

The burglary rated protection equipment we resell are those that once reconditioned are equal to (or stronger than exceeds) the security level to which they were manufactured. We, at Adanac, “will not” resell a burglarized safe where the barrier material has been removed, thereby compromising the security level.

Reconditioned Fire Protection Safes and Insulated Files.

Customers sometimes ask us if one of these products ever went through a fire. The answer is NO. We at Adanac would never resell a fire protection product that went through a fire, as it would no longer qualify as such a product. Adanac would not purchase such a product in the first place.


Unless otherwise noted, all reconditioned – refurbished security equipment comes with a one-year mechanical warrant y, as it pertains to product defects. Locks in excellent condition come with 90-day warranty (if a lock is replaced at our discretion with a new lock – the warranty is then for one year).

What we don’t do

This is why Adanac is a leader in the security equipment safe business. It is important to note that the insurance industry and risk management firms look to Adanac to provide accurate information to them about the security products we promote to their clients. So it is important that the equipment they purchase meets or exceeds their security levels.

  • Adanac will “never” or will not recondition a used safe and sell as new.
  • Adanac "will not" put a UL / ULC label on a safe that is not UL/ULC listed. For your information, once a label is removed from a non-compliant product, the label is destroyed or becomes part of our memorabilia.
  • Adanac "will not" misrepresent the security level of a product that does not have UL/ULC or other certifications. Adanac will clarify the security level rating of such products to the best of their ability.
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